SP-150TM / SP-150VS

  • 9”X 49” table.
  • R8 (NST#30) spindle material SCM415 (SAB4115) with hardened and ground.
  • Turcite-B on X Y ways, slidways and gibs.
  • Hardened and ground table with ground T-slots.
  • Electroless nickel-phosphorus plating process on X and Y leadscrews.
  • Patented FA381 keys are used for vari-speed head.
  • 1-1/4”(32mm) diameter lifting screw.
  • Leveling screws and pads on base.
  • Strict with hand scraping for high precise accuracy.
Specification SP-150TM / SP-150VS
Table size 230x1245 mm (9”x49”)
T-slot of table (Q’ty x size) 3x16 mm (3x0.629”)
Longitudinal travel (X axis) Manual 915 mm (36”)
Auto 845 mm (33.26”)
Cross travel (Y axis) 305 mm (12.007”)
Vertical travel of knee (Z axis) 406 mm (15.984”)
Ram travel 356 mm (14”)
Quill travel 127 mm (5”)
Spindle taper NST#30/R8 (Opt. NST#40)
Spindle to table nose 34~440 mm( 1.34”~17.32”)
Spindle center to column 154~544 mm (6”~21.4”)
Over swivel on turret 360゜
Head swivel (R&L) +/-45゜
Head tilt (up&down) +/-45゜
Spindle motor 3HP
X axis motor Option: Power feed
Lifting motor Nil
Quill feed 0.04~0.08~0.14 mm/rpm (0.0015” ~ 0.003” ~ 0.006”)
Spindle speed Step head 50Hz low: 66~270 High: 550~2270
60Hz low: 80~325 High: 660~2720
Variable speed head 50Hz low: 50~420 High: 420~3750
60Hz low: 60~500 High: 500~4500
Overall height 2140mm (82.874”)
Overall depth 1618mm (63.7”)
Overall width 1497mm (58.937”)
Net weight 950Kgs (2200lbs)

We reserve the right to modify and improve the specification without notice. The specification shown above is for reference only.