• VMC rigid headstock moves directly on column without extra bracket to ensure heavy cutting accuracy.
  • BT40 spindle is fully balanced for low chatter and high performance machining.
  • All essential castings are made of high grade of Meehanite cast iron, which has been stressed and relieved to provide a rigid machine structure.
  • All three axes are driven by high precision ballscrews with double nuts which leads less play and backlash.
  • Dovetail design on X, box way design on YZ.
  • All slideways have been hardened and ground for longer longevity. It also provides high rigidity for heavy and discontinuously cutting.
  • All contacting surfaces are precisely hand scrapped.
  • YZ slideways are protected by high grade steel covers.
  • 1:2 ratio timing belt pulleys on XYZ axes to increase drive torque and save the cost of axes motors.
Specification MCB-1000
Table size 1520 x 400mm
T slot of spindle (number x width) 3 x 18mm
Longitudinal travel 1070mm
Cross travel 510mm
Vertical travel 510mm (Opt.650mm)
Table load capacity 500Kgs
Spindle taper 100~610mm
Spindle taper BT40
Spindle motor 8000RPM
Spindle center to column front surface 10HP
Ram travel 525mm
XYZ axis motor 1Kw AC Servo
XYZ axis feed rate 0~750mm/min
Rapid traverse XYZ axes 12m/min
coolant pump 1/4HP
coolant pump 2380 x 2200 x 2550mm
Net weight 2600Kgs

We reserve the right to modify and improve the specification without notice. The specification shown above is for reference only.